Open dress rehearsals are typically limited to high school students, though others are permitted to attend when in conjunction with certain programs. Space is limited, and only those who are registered are permitted to attend the dress rehearsal.

How much does it cost to attend an Open Dress Rehearsal? These rehearsals are free of charge, but space is limited, so please sign up early to ensure there is room for your school group.

What if my students are not in high school or college? Younger students may attend with approval by the Education Coordinator. The rehearsal time makes for a late night, so it is recommended for high school and college students accompanied by a teacher or chaperone.

What makes it a “dress” rehearsal? The orchestra does not dress in formal attire, that is just the traditional name for the final rehearsal before a performance. This is the last opportunity the Conductor has to run through the music before the formal concert. Though it may sound like a performance, it is a working rehearsal and the orchestra may stop to work on a particular passage.

Since it is a rehearsal, how should the audience behave? The Open Dress Rehearsal is an opportunity for students to observe the rehearsal process. Photography and videography is prohibited. We ask that you behave as you would for the actual performance: no talking, no eating in the hall, no texting – all cell phones must be off. Please sit in one chair, do not hang your feet over the chair in front of you!

How long do the rehearsals last? The rehearsal begins promptly at 7:30pm and ends at 10:00pm. There is a 15 minute break somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00pm depending on the repertoire.

What happens if we’re late? The rehearsal begins exactly on time. Don’t be late! If you are, please make sure to check in with the Education Director, other staff member(s), or any ushers, and they will quietly seat you when appropriate.

Are the seats assigned? We try not to assign seats for your group. We may if necessary.

Where do we park? You may park in any of the area lots or use on-street parking. A Wilmington Parking Authority lot is located at the Doubletree Hotel at King and 7th Streets. If you prefer, you can drop students with a chaperone off on Market or King Streets before parking.

Which entrance to the Grand do we use? Please enter through the large front doors off of market Street. A guard will be waiting at the door to let your group in.

When and Where is the pre-concert talk? David Amado gives a short 10-minute talk at 7:10pm. This is usually takes place in the Wesler Room on the lower level. Check with the Education Director before hand to confirm this location.