Classics Series

Amado Conducts Mahler

Friday, April 26, 2024 at 7:30 pm

Copeland Hall at The Grand Opera House

Mahler — Symphony No. 7 "Song of the Night"

Music Director Laureate David Amado, conductor

Maestro Amado returns to the podium as we culminate our season with Amado Conducts Mahler, in a captivating performance featuring Mahler’s Symphony No. 7 “Song of the Night.”

This extraordinary composition showcases Mahler’s innovative use of instruments not commonly found in symphonic literature, including the tenor horn, mandolin, and guitar.  The epic work pushes the boundaries of traditional orchestral instruments, exploring dynamic contrasts and expansive ranges, portraying a vivid musical picture of the world’s transformative journey from night to day.

Concert run time: Approx. 85 minutes with NO intermission.